Keep having dreams I can fly, till I notice I’m falling. Keep waking up in the night, with a light in my doorway.
— "Chrysalis"

In the Winter of 2017, California native, Faris Monshi (Fair-iss Mawn-shee), found a new home within the frost-covered forests of the Yosemite Mountains. Unsatisfied with aspects of city life in the San Francisco Bay Area where he spent his formative years, Faris packed his car with all the essentials to continue creating music and headed east. It was within the confines of the cozy, turquoise-colored cabin his family vacationed at when he was a child, where he would begin a creative journey of a solitary nature and dive deeper into the exploration of his sound.

A songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Faris Monshi blends the atmospheric, experimental art rock of Radiohead with the electronica-drenched singer-songwriter stylings of Chet Faker. Emerging in 2015 with his debut EP, Idle Warships, Monshi began his journey as a young DIY artist and Music Technology graduate, simultaneously learning all of the various stages of music production in his makeshift bedroom studio. From writing and performing, to recording and producing, what began as the necessity to be cost-effective became the holistic, big-picture approach he takes towards the creation of music.


His latest album, Crows in Reach, was the result of a year-long collaboration with Eduard Frolov EFG, a Latvian musician who discovered Faris through the fan community of the video game, Life is Strange. Sharing a passion for the game and its music, the two launched out from this commonality to map new grounds in the collaborative sounds that would become Crows in Reach. The entire album was written and recorded remotely from opposite sides of the world, utilizing the text and voice capabilities of Facebook Messenger.